Assistance in France

Assistance in France

In addition to assisting any entity in the EU and beyond, the CORIS Assistance team specialises in assisting companies whose customers come to France and other French-speaking countries.

Through a large direct network of medical and technical providers We offer medical and technical assistance services:

  • For medical cases, from organizing a simple medical visit to the most complex medical repatriations
  • For technical cases, from simple on the spot repairs to repatriation of the motor vehicle and its passengers Our service offer can be customized according to your company’s profile - partner. Whatever the case, our priority is and remains to keep costs reasonable. 

The 24/7/365 Call Centre includes direct lines with native French speakers and complies with the GDPR rules.

Moreover, CORIS Assistance has developed its call centre in such a way that it can provide assistance tailored to the caller’s needs, both by phone and online.

Agents receive continuous specialized training to solve any type of medical or technical case , calls are recorded and callers can send feedback to the centre after the end of the call or of the online interaction.

Contact us by phone: 01 41 61 23 00 or write to us at!