Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance

Whether enjoying a well-deserved holiday or away on business, our customers hope they won’t have to touch their travel insurance policies.

However, in the event of an accident or an unforeseen medical emergency, we are always at their disposal for prompt and efficient assistance.

Our team, with over 20 years of experience in travel medical care, understands the insurance companies needs to respond promptly to customers and to keep their image leverage intact. That is why we make sure that all customers we assist benefit of the best assistance services, within the shortest time possible and in the most appropriate medical units.

CORIS Assistance specialises in identifying, organising, monitoring and evaluating the medical services required by our customers.

Together with our medical specialists, we are involved in every detail of this delicate process, from scheduling a simple medical consultation to organizing the most complex medical repatriations, with attention to the needs of the customer at the core of our efforts.

Our doctors contribute to the analysis of services and medical investigations requested to confirm their validity and necessity. 

Through our local offices and agents we co-operate with, we benefit of local presence in any part of the world, thus being able to understand the local specifics and access the most appropriate medical facilities.
Our global healthcare network is based on quality healthcare. With the help of the Coris international association and the system of negotiated tariffs we are able to control and reduce healthcare costs on behalf of our clients.

The medical care services offered include:

  • Home consultations
  • Specialized consultations 
  • Remote medical consultations
  • Surgical procedures
  • Hospitalization 
  • Dental procedures
  • Ambulance (and air medical transport) or transport to private clinics
  • Repatriation for medical and funeral reasons
  • Second medical opinion