Home Assistance

Home Assistance

Faults in the electrical system? Unexpected issues with heating installations? A flood or a stuck door? Count on us when it comes to damage or accidents in your home and the home of your customers.

Our team is available NON-STOP and specializes in fast contacting specialised providers that can solve such problems quickly and efficiently. In less than 2 hours, a work crew will arrive at the customer’s door. 

We work with more than 200 approved service providers in the following areas : electrical installation and maintenance, heating, plumbing, carpentry, locksmith and glazing installation/repair.

Do not hesitate to contact us, at any time, if you encounter:

  • Damage in the electrical system (electrical panel faults, electrical circuits, sockets and switches)
  • Defects in the heating system (central heating, thermostat, radiators, pipes, emergency installations)
  • Damage to plumbing (sinks, tubs, taps, pipes)
  • Roof, window or door problems

As part of our supplier selection process, we ensure that the chosen supplier has relevant experience in the field, offers quality services, has the ability to carry out the required work, sets fair prices and, last but not least, considers customer satisfaction throughout the work.